Sunday, March 28, 2010

Second Storytelling

The second storytelling was done on March 24, 2010 and 'Tagal' was what the students loved most that could inspire them to do their animation.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kota Kinabalu 2010

Jesselton after 1911 had changed so much. The railway line to Tg Lipat has been replaced by highway, flyovers and traffic lights. 99 years after 1911 saw Jesselton becoming a City that is serviced by an international airport and a Port Hub at Sepanggar.

Only a Hotel called Jesselton Hotel gives us a retro of the old name of Kota Kinabalu named after Mr Jessel, the British Resident.

Storytelling at KYS Animation House

KYS Animation House invited the PSMCS to do a Storytelling on March 2, 2010. PSMCS President, Datuk Hj Light Nanis did the Storytelling to the future animators to inspire them on the legends, stories and history of Sabah. They felt inspired and liked the Storytelling as there are not many people who can do the Storytelling.

A second storytelling session is to be held end of March or early April 2010 as there are requests for more stories and histories to help the future animators do their cartoon.

Jesselton 1911

What is so special about Kota Kinabalu,formerly known as Jesselton in 1911? There used to be a railway line right up to Tg Lipat where the Port now lies from Tenom, a district in the Interior Residency of Sabah, formerly North Borneo.

Kota Kinabalu City old name was Api Api after the Malay word for Fire after the town was burnt by none other than Mat Salleh, the Bajau chieftan and rebel at that time in 1897 including the island fronting Kota Kinabalu called Gaya Island.

1911 saw the reconstruction of Jesselton, some 14 years after tStar Cityhe town was burnt down.

The village that you saw called Kg Air is no more there and there lies Asia City and Star City and of course Kg Air the Town.

Editorial Board To Meet

PSMCS has formed an Editorial Board to consider the publication of the PSMCS Bulletin and a meeting is scheduled on April 2, 2010 at 2.30 pm at the registered office.

Courtesy Call To Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka Sabah

PSMCS made a courtesy call to the Director of Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka Sabah on March 17,2010. On hand to receive the PSMCS President and his Treasurer, Sdr Mansur Asum and Assitant Secretary, Datin Dk Zaleha was the Director, En Zubaidi Abas. DBP Sabah plans to hold a Novel Competition on History and PSMCS is to be invited as member of the Organizing Committee.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kawang War in 1885

The Kawang War called 'Amok' happened well before Mat Salleh burned down Jesselton on 1897, a time difference of about 12 years in 1885, again the result of a misunderstanding between the local Bajau Community and the British Chartered Company Resident and the Police Chief De Fontaine. 1885 therefore was the earliest time that the local community had risen against the British Chartered Company who had wanted to catch the Murut Chief in Tenom but was unsuccessful.

De Fontaine Memorial

If you drive just a few kilometers south towards Papar from Kota Kinabalu City you will reach a small town called Kawang and there lies the De Fontaine Memorial. De Fontaine was the Police Chief during the British Chartered Company of North Borneo who came with the Resident to catch the Murut Chief in Tenom. They stopped in Kawang to request for 20 additional people which was misunderstood as a form of slavery by the local Bajau Community. What transpired was the fighting between the British police force assisted by the Sikh policemen and the Bajau community and 7 of them were killed. This memorial marked the encounter De Fontaine and entourage with the local community at a site where there was a mango tree.