Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Story Of Modern Rebellion In Sabah

It is with the greatest appreaciation to a friend, Hj Mustapha Kula who is a retiree that I got this story of a rebellion in Weston on December 8, 1962, he could still remember this story as his family was preparing a wedding which was later cancelled. The rebellion in Negara Brunei had influenced some people in Weston, the relatives of one of the leaders in Brunei. On that day they were well prepared and in the the army uniform and came to the police station that only had one policeman, whose name was Awang Tengah, taking his rifle. He had to give in as he was the only one. The rebellion did not succeed.

Weston will always be remembered as the place that used to have a jetty and a rail line linking it to Beaufort and later Papar and Gantisan in Jesselton, build by the British East India Company that had wanted to use Weston as the place to export rubber and other produce but later found the water not deep enough for ships, but the line succeeded in opening up the Interior land up to Tenom and Melalap.

There is no more railway line now and Weston is missed by the road users from the South who travelled to the north to Kota Kinabalu, the State Capital. Weston is just a fishing viallage that has good dried prawns.

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