Sunday, July 25, 2010

AGM 2010 Successful

Arkib Negara Sabah Branch once again played host to Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia Cawangan Sabah (PSMCS) to hold its AGM on July 25,2010. There was a quorum and the Secretary's and the Treasurer's Reports were tabled after the Welcoming Address of the President. IT was used for the first time and the reports were presented in Powerpoint. PSMCS now plans its activities for the rest of the year of 2010 which includes the following;
1. Preparation and sending of a Memorandum to YAB Ketua Menteri Sabah
2. Courtesy Call to SEDCO Chairman, who is also the Assemblyman for Membakut
3. Updating of Blog
4. Final Printing of the Bulletin
5. Meetings of the new Sub-Committee on the photographs compilation of 'Historical Sites in Sabah'
6. Meetings of the new Sub-Committee on the 'Seminar on Islam'
7. Meetings of the new Sub-Committee on the 'Fund Raising & Installation Nite'
8. Meetings of the other Sub-Committees
9. Meetings of the Executive or the Main Committee
10. Membership Drive of Life and Institutional Membership
11. Signing of MOU with UMS
12. Storytelling at KYS Animation House on the Journey and History of Mat Salleh

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