Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia Cawangan Sabah Gave Talk

Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia Cawangan Sabah President, Dtk Hj Light was invited to give a Talk on 'Independence and History' at the Labuan International School, WP Labuan on August 9, 2010 attended by the teachers and students who came in their Malaysia Flags uniform; such was an annual envent by the private school to celebrate the month of Malaysia Independence which falls on August every year. The President gave a copy of the CD of the Father of Independence for Sabah, Tun Datu Hj Mustapha Harun, a forgotten historical figure to many but not to some who still valued his services and sacrifices to bring independence for Sabah and Labuan to form Malaysia on September 16, 1963.

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