Friday, September 24, 2010

What Is In A Clock?

A Clock tells the time and the Grandfather's Clock is a Collectors Item that stands tall in the living room of the house and it becomes a family heritage and antique as years goes by. Sabah, the Land Below The Wind has such a Clock in Kota Kinabalu (formerly Jesselton) that acted as a beacon and navigational aids to ships plying the area. It stood unnoticed to many locals except for the visitors who walked up the hill on the cemented staircases to read the signboard put up by the authorities. You cant go in as it is fenced up. Now this Clock has become an issue. Architects, Historians, Nature Lovers, Environmentalists and many other Activists had put up a protest to the mixed development that is going to be put up by a Government Agency with a Private Developer and it is just besides the Clock Tower, that will soon lose its beauty and value should the project goes ahead and it had been approved by the Sabah State Cabinet.

Now the Chief Minister had asked for a reassessment. Good for the Clock. Hopefully the Planners and the Bureaucrats will have the foresight of safeguarding this last bastion of the British colonial era. There are not many of such landmarks left in Kota Kinabalu.

The Londoners are very proud that they have the Big Ben. We dont have a Big Ben , we only have a Small Clock in a Tower called the Atkinson Clock Tower. Now the Atkinson Clock Tower is in danger of being overshadowed by such a mega project that includes a Shopping Complex and Hotel and Kota Kinabalu seems to have lost sight of this small Clock Tower in lieu of a mega project which will also destroy the beauty of the Signal Hill.

Save the Atkinson Clock Tower!

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