Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Story About The Barunsai

There was also this story from PITAS about the Bajau community who does the Barunsai (a kind of local dance) and merry making. Barunsai is normally done at wedding or festivals or reception of important people. The merrymaking lasted for many hours with lots of laughter. The people were so happy that they had forgotten the time and they turned into stones. The stone can be sighted at PITAS at Kg Likapas, near Pualau Jambongan. Such stories are also quite common with the other ethnics especially the Dusun and there are many version. Some stories told was about some toad getting into the gravy and the audience laughed at it, while other stories was about a monkey that was dressed up and the audience laughed at it.This story was told by an Orang Sungai Iman and a Suluk.

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