Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Legend From PITAS

PITAS is a district in the North of Sabah and the Orang Sungei and Suluk Communities stay there as well as the other ethnic of Sabah. One Imam of Pitas, Mr Amin Bin Iji 2 Aminullah Bin Eji enumerated the story of Siperak who returned home to Pitas after a long journey that made him very wealthy did not recognize and accepted his mother who was elated to see him back home. Because of his ego Siperak was cursed by the mother who upon hitting her right body made Siperak ship to rock to the right and on hitting her left body the boat rocked to the left. However both turned into stones and both can be seen in Pitas Kg Malubang. Such legend is not uncommon in this part of the region. They had similar stories of Sitanggang that also turned into a stone and similar stories in Brunei. Whatever it is such legend are part of the historical and cultural heritage of many communities. Siperak could have been named after the word 'perak' which means silver and silver is the money of that time. He could have come from Perak in Peninsular Malaysia.

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