Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Big Drum Called Sang Gendang

Its location is at the compound of Kg Darau Laut place of worship. It is believed to have been brought to Sabah some 300 years ago by the Arab traders and missionaries.It is believed to be the biggest drum or "beduk" and perhaps the oldest in Sabah,commonly used by the Muslim community for the call of prayers and the announcement of the new moon to celebrate Hari Raya.

Those Arab traders and missionaries had now been assimilated with the local natives particularly the Dusun tribe of Darau and they are now the Bajau ethnic.

The drum is now a masterpiece and the object of historical and cultural research by many parties.


  1. It sure is a treasure to be preserved for future generation.

  2. I agree especially attached to it is the word 'sang' which means king.

  3. Gendang warisan yang tertua di Sabah kewujudan sejak kurun ke 17 terletak di Masjid Kg Darau Laut Menggatal. Juga diiktiraf oleh Jabatan Muzium Sabah sebagai warisan dan perkembangan islam di Sabah.



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