Sunday, August 2, 2009

SIFE UMS Made History

SIFE UMS became national champion in 2009 after 5 years since they first started in 2005. SIFE UMS always play second fiddle to UiTM but not this time.They will now compete in the world champion in Berlin Germany in the first week of October 2009. You had made us proud.The members who participated will each receive a new pair of suit to go to Berlin. After having watched their presentation, it is no wonder that they had made it to the top and this should go down in history for SIFE UMS. SIFE UMS is the only SIFE organization is Sabah, Malaysia.

Other colleges like Kolej Yayasan Sabah may be interested to follow suit.SIFE means Students In Free Enterprise and it is a franchised program that started in the USA.Among other things it teaches the students and under-graduates leadership, organizing skill, presentation skills, IT skills, business skills as well as other skills like financing and funding.They can also duplicate the business model even after they had left the Universities or Colleges. Once such example is the Turkish Farm Yogurt which is a household product in Sabah.The Yogurt business was started by an undergraduate but he carried on with the business after he graduated and he brought along his parents from Turkey to Sabah and gave 15% of the income to SIFE UMS.So success comes if you desire and put in the effort and heed the advises and comments of other people.Congratulation to SIFE UMS

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