Sunday, August 2, 2009

Progress We Have Made in August 2009

Progress include the following;

1. First Committee Meeting on August 2, 2009
2. Formation of Committees, Sub-Committees and assignment of functions
3. Disucssion of the plan of activities for the terms 2009-2011 presented by the President which includes fund raising activities
4. Publication of the PSMCS Constituion (courtesy of Hj Manap)
5. Documentation of the history of PSMCS who is now more than 35 years old
6. Appointment of additional committee members
7. Appointment of Advisor and Patron
8. Appointment of Internal Auditors
9. Identificatiion of a premise for office and its application to the relevant bodies
10.Appointments with the various relevant Ministries and Ministers, Agencies, Departments
11. Members Register and recruitment of new members especially life members, students members, institution members
12. Revision of the Statement of Account for the past period of 2 years and its verification and signatures by the Association Auditors
13. Change of Bank and signatories
14. Updating of records and their submission to the PSM HQ in Kuala Lumpur

This will be revised from time to time and act as an indicator of achievement for the current Committee during its tenure from 26 July 2009.

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